We build thoughtful identities and experiences
to elevate and empower organizations.

our approach

We are a branding and communication design firm. A young firm, we bring energy and enthusiasm to our work. We understand, explore and create — new ideas for new businesses. Creating a balance between business strategies and visual design, we provide solutions that are engaging, entertaining and effective.


With a collective experience of over a decade in the fields of branding and design, Avantika and Simrat bring a strong and powerful insight to all design solutions.

They have worked in various advertising agencies and design houses, including long stints at a nationally recognized design studio.

Avantika’s keen strategic sense and witty execution keeps her work alive. Simrat brings an acute sense of form, colour and composition to her work. Their intuitive approach to business strategies and love for design forms the basis for their work together.

our services

Discovery and Strategy

We work to understand the company in its context focussing on its business, history, stakeholders, markets, strategic vision, culture and image.

We define & recommend we assimilate this understanding and come up with an idea framework outlining the brand’s strategy, differentiation, relevance, purpose and inspiration. If it is already there, we absorb it, make it our own and grow it.


We design the visuals and cultivate a voice that express the brand idea. We create the identity, the brand’s mark. We implement to bring the brand alive we create the visual system. This visual architecture talks to the audience, making the brand’s experience unique and memorable.

Communication and Marketing Collateral

We work on various marketing and communication collaterals to make the brand express. We do Naming, Communications Style Guides, Messaging and Voice/Tone, Internal Company Materials, Content Strategy and Production and Marketing Materials like brochures, reports and dockets.


We think that packaging is the first glimpse of a brand and its most frequent reminder. A good pack creates impact, connects with the audience, engages and delights. It increases brand loyality and sales. We try to ground the brand in the core of the pack.

We work to understand the consumer, think about our brand’s place in his life. We come up with innovative ideas and visuals to connect the pack and the user.